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Fine-mapping additive and dominant SNP effects impacting on egg number in female broilers
Eirini Tarsani, Andreas Kranis, Gerasimos Maniatis, Santiago Avendano, Ariadne Hager-Theodorides, and Antonios Kominakis (Greece & UK)

Identification of genomic regions associated with host resistance to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
Wioleta Drobik-Czwarno, Cal Donnelly, Janet E. Fulton, Jesus Arango, Jacqueline Smith, Jack C. M. Dekkers, and Anna Wolc (Poland & USA)

A combined analysis of genetic and microbial factors determining resistance to Salmonella carriage in chicken
Anaïs Cazals, Jordi Estellé, Nicolas Bruneau, Jean-Luc Coville, Pierrette Menanteau, Marie-Noëlle Rossignol, Deborah Jardet, Claudia Bevilacqua, Andrea Rau, Philippe Velge, and Fanny Calenge (France)

Establishing an Efficient Detection Assay for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Large Deletion in Blue Egg Layer Chicken Cell Lines
Stefanie Altgilbers, Sabine Klein, Wilfried Kues, and Steffen Weigend (Germany)

Estimation of additive and dominant variance of egg quality traits in pure-line layers
David Picard Druet, Llibertat Tusell, Frédéric Hérault, Florian Herry, Sophie Allais, Amandine Varenne, Thierry Burlot, and Pascale Le Roy (France)

Interest of Genotyping-by-Sequencing technologies as an alternative to low density SNP chips for genomic selection in layer chicken
Florian Herry, Frédéric Hérault, David Picard-Druet, Philippe Bardou, Camille Eché, Amandine Varenne, Thierry Burlot, Pascale Le Roy, and Sophie Allais (France)

Accuracy of whole-genome Sequence Genotype Imputation in a layer line
Sophie Allais, Florian Herry, Frédéric Hérault, David Picard-Druet, Philippe Bardou, Camille Eché, Amandine Varenne, Thierry Burlot, and Pascale Le Roy (France)

Global Chicken Genome Project
Min-Sheng Peng, Jian-Lin Han, Olivier Hanotte, Yang Dong, and Ya-Ping Zhang (China, Kenya, Ethiopia & UK)

Homozygous-Haplotype-Deficiency in a brown layer line
Niklas Paulmann, Christian Reimer, Reza Sharifi, and Henner Simianer (Germany)

Transcriptional landscapes for three types of chicken tissues
Fernando Lopes Pinto, Adnan Niazi, Maja Molin, Elizabeth Gilbert, Christa Honaker, Paul Siegel, Göran Andersson, Leif Andersson, and D. J. de Koning (Sweden & USA)

Marker-assisted Introgression of Blue Eggshell Color into a White Leghorn Line
Claudia Dierks, Ngoc-Thuy Ha, Henner Simianer, Björn Andersson, David Cavero, Rudolf Preisinger, and Steffen Weigend (Germany)

A Genome-wide Association Study on The Egg Quality in Two-way Cross Chicken Population
Kai-Hsiang Lin, Ching-Yi Lien, Michèle Tixier-Boichard, and Chih-Feng Chen (Taiwan & France)

Interactions of genotype and feed calcium level on eggshell quality measurements
Mohamed Ketta and Eva Tůmová (Czech Republic)

Bone stability of genetically divergent laying hens in different housing systems
Simon Jansen, Ulrich Baulain, Annett Weigend, Ingrid Halle, Ahmad Reza Sharifi, Henner Simianer,, and Steffen Weigend (Germany)

Laying hen bone quality and egg production, is the dogma correct?
Ian C. Dunn, Heather A. McCormack, Robert H. Fleming, Peter W. Wilson, Björn Andersson, and Matthias Schmutz (UK & Germany)

Heritability and genetic correlation of keel bone phenotypes in laying hens
Maisarah M. Maidin, Ian C. Dunn, Heather A. McCormack, Pete W. Wilson, Robert H. Fleming, and Matthias Schmutz, Björn Andersson (UK & Germany)

Differences in intramuscular and abdominal fat in fast-, medium- and slow-growing chickens
Jaroslav Valenta, Eva Tůmová, and Darina Chodová (Czech Republic)

Genetic determinism of abdominal fat tissue and relationships with body weight and egg quality in Rhode Island Red
Nicolas Bedere, David Picard Druet, Frédéric Hérault, Florian Herry, Sophie Allais, Amandine Varenne, Thierry Burlot, and Pascale Le Roy (France)

The differences in carcass value and meat quality of fast-, medium- and slow-growing chickens
Darina Chodová and Eva Tůmová (Czech Republic)

Impact of variation in energy stores on reproduction and egg characteristics of meat-type chickens
Sonia Métayer-Coustard, Alessandro Franzoni, Sophie Réhault-Godbert, Anne Collin, Angélique Travel, Emilie Raynaud, Yannick Baumard, Joël Delaveau, Christophe Rat, Estelle Cailleau-Audouin, Estelle Godet, Aurélien Brionne, Cécile Berri, and Elisabeth Le Bihan-Duval (France & Italy)

Sire Influence on Hatchability and Heritability estimates of Quails in a humid tropical environment
Uma Oke Kalu, Obioma Chinadum C., and Uche Kalu I. (Nigeria)

Role of sperm velocity variables associated with poultry breed in `last male precedence´
S. G. Dávila, M. G. Gil, A. Toledano-Díaz, C. Castaño, M. C. Esteso, B. Bernal, J. L. Campo, and J. Santiago-Moreno (Spain)

Serum color as a biomarker for indirect selection of digestive efficiency
Sandrine Mignon-Grasteau, Stéphane Beauclercq, Séverine Urvoix, and Elisabeth Le Bihan-Duval (France)

How to predict that some animals respond better to vaccination than others: application to vaccination against Eimeria maxima in chickens
Fany Blanc, Bertrand Bed’Hom, Jordi Estellé, Olivier Bouchez, Marie-Noëlle Rossignol, Sungwon Kim, Iván Pastor-Fernández, Lonneke Vervelde, Damer Blake, Claire Rogel-Gaillard, and Marie-Hélène Pinard-van der Laan (France & UK)

Association of VIPR-1 Gene Polymorphism and CRBP-IV Gene Expression with Layer Traits in Rhode Island Red Chicken
Amiya Ranjan Sahu, Sanjeev Kumar, Sonu Kumar Jain, and Chethan Raj R. (India)

Using high throughput phenotyping of growth and feed intake to improve adaptation of chickens to sustainable diets
Quentin Berger, Elodie Guettier, Séverine Urvoix, Elisabeth Le Bihan-Duval, and Sandrine Mignon-Grasteau (France)

OVO-FOOD: In ovo stimulation of the chicken microbiome – a way to safe and antibiotic-free food production
Anna Slawinska, Maria Siwek, Katarzyna Stadnicka, Aleksandra Dunislawska, and Marek Bednarczyk (Poland)

The transgenic chickens obtained by microinjection of DNA in the ovarian follicles (FULL PAPER)
Liudmila Korshunova, Ruben Karapetyan, Osiya Ziadinova, and Vladimir Fisinin (Russia)

Efficiency of Sleeping Beauty transposase mediated transfection of chicken PGCs in vivo and in vitro and analysis of the derived cell chimeric roosters
Stefanie Altgilbers, Ronald Wittig, Meike Stünkel, Steffen Weigend, Wilfried Kues, and Sabine Klein (Germany)

The effect of a diet high in methyl donors on DNA methylation patterns across multiple generations
Chelsea A. Phillips and Chris M. Ashwell (USA)

Revealing gene networks in relation to feather pecking behaviour using RNA-sequencing
Joergen B. Kjaer (Germany)

Analysis of feather pecking behavior, plumage condition and body weight in laying hens
Lina Hattendorf, Hanna Iffland, and Jörn Bennewitz (Germany)

Variability in laying pattern of different laying hens’ genotypes
Eva Tůmová, Mohamed Ketta, and Darina Chodová (Czech Republic)

Examination the expression level of heat shock-related proteins and the effect of the heat-treatment in 2 days old and mature Hungarian chicken
Roland Tóth, Nikolett Tokodyné Szabadi, Bence Lázár, Krisztina Liptói, Andrea Kőrösiné Molnár, Eszter Patakiné Várkonyi, and Elen Gócza (Hungary)

Variability in heat tolerance genetic merit among commercial layers strains in hot and humid climates
Olubunmi Duduyemi, Dare Asiyanbola, Saidu Oseni, and Ofelia Omitogun (Nigeria)

Developing an effective method to eliminate the negative effects of climate change in chicken: the role of miR-138 in adaptation
Nikolett Tokodyné Szabadi, Roland Tóth, Bence Lázár, Árpád Drobnyák, Andrea Kőrösiné Molnár, Eszter Patakiné Várkonyi, Krisztina Liptói, and Elen Gócza (Hungary)

The comparison of technological value of eggs from Czech native hens and selected hybrid Dominant Black D 109
Adam Kraus, Lukáš Zita, Milan Tyller, and Vojtěch Anderle (Czech Republic)

Genetic characterization of indigenous poultry breeds of Veneto region
Filippo Cendron, Francesco Perini, Emiliano Lasagna, and Martino Cassandro (Italy)

Using geographical information to asses genetics structure of Ecuadorian creole chicken population
Paula Toalombo, Vincenzo Landi, Amparo Martínez, Mayra Gómez, Cesar Camacho, Luis Fiallos, Esperanza Camacho, Juan Vicente Delgado, Martina Macri, and Fabian Almeida (Ecuador & Spain)

Morphological assessment of 12 Italian autochthonous chicken breeds
Francesco Perini, Filippo Cendron, Emiliano Lasagna, and Martino Cassandro (Italy)

Estimation of genetic parameters for average daily gain in Mazandaran native chicken
Mohsen Gholizadeh, Babak Yousefi, and Hasan Hafezian (Iran)

Genomic variability of Croatian native hen breed
Maja Ferenčaković, Zlatko Janječić, Vladimir Brajkovic, Ivana Drzaic, and Vlatka Cubric-Curik (Croatia)

The age of the evaluation of egg weight in quails
Liudmila Korshunova, Ruben Karapetyan, and Osiya Ziadinova (Russia)

The genetic portraying of goose breeds
Irina Zharkova and Luidmila Korshunova (Russia)

Non-allelic interactions in alternative subgroups in ducks
Anita Dobek, Ewa Gornowicz, Krzysztof Moliński, Bartosz Grajewski, Mirosław Lisowski, and Tomasz Szwaczkowski (Poland)

Weighted single-step GWAS for egg production traits in turkeys
Hakimeh Emamgholi Begli, Flavio S. Schenkel, Emhimad A. Abdalla, Alexandra Harlander-Matauschek, Ben J. Wood, Christine F. Baes (Canada & Switzerland)


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