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Scientific Programme

  Preliminary Scientific Programme   for download in pdf

*Scientific Programme is subject to change without notice

Day 1

Wednesday 23. 10. 2019

12:30–13:15   Opening & Keynote lecture

  • Anordnung der Elemente: Mendel's Innovative Concept and Discovery of Genetic Information (Jiri Sekerak, Czech Republic)

13:15–15:00   Session 1 – New breeding technologies

  • New approach in chicken transgenesis – male route (Pavel Trefil, Czech Republic)
  • Biotechnological solution of antivirus resistence (Jiri Hejnar, Czech Republic)
  • Genome editing and transformation in chicken Primoridal Germ Cells for embryonic sex selection (Yuval Cinnamon, Israel)
  • A talk regarding the EU legal framework on New Animal Breeding techniques (Ana Granados Chapatte, Belgium)

15:0015:30    Coffee Break

15:30–17:15   Session 2 – Genetic diversity

  • Biobanking and genome editing chicken using sterile host technology (Mike McGrew, United Kingdom)
  • Enhancing the functioning of farm animal gene banks in Europe: results of the IMAGE project (Sipke Joost Hiemstra, Netherlands)
  • From wild populations to global diversity – Insight into the Synbreed Chicken Diversity Panel (Dorcus Kholofelo Malomane, Germany)
  • Hidden genes in chickens (Daniel Elleder, Czech Republic)

17:30–18:30   Poster Session – One-Minute oral poster presentations

18:30–21:00   Poster viewing & Welcome reception

Day 2

Thursday 24. 10. 2019

09:00–10:30   Session 3 – Genomics & Genomic Selection

  • Conceptual, Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Genomic Selection in Turkeys (Christine Baes, Canada)
  • Use of data from crossbred animals for a genomic evaluation of pure line layer (Pascale Le Roy, France)
  • Sequence data for genomic prediction in livestock breeding (Roger Ros-Freixedes, United Kingdom)

10:30–11:00    Coffee Break

11:00–12:30   Session 4 – Dual purpose chickens

  • Traditional approach to dual purpose chicken breeding (Roy Trott, United Kingdom)
  • Dual purpose breeding from a broiler and a layer perspective (Britt de Klerk & Treun van de Braak, Netherlands)
  • Dual-purpose production (eggs and meat) of 10 genetically different crossbreeds in Ethiopia (Dawud Ibrahim, Ethiopia)
  • African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) project (Tadelle Dessie, Ethiopia)
  • How can Traditional Poultry help the development of Africa (Louis Perrault, France)

12:30-14:00    Lunch

14:00–15:00   PhD Award session – Oral presentations of four selected abstracts

15:00–15:30    Coffee Break

15:30–17:00   Session 5 – Microbiota

  • Biodiversity of the caecal metagenome of chicken and role of host genetics in its variations (Fanny Calenge, France)
  • Microbiome and immune interactions: a new frontier of understanding of gut health and disease(Paul Wigley, United Kingdom)
  • Development of chicken gut microbiota and selection of new generation of probiotics (Ivan Rychlik, Czech Republic)

17:00–18:00   Business Meeting

            19:00   Gala dinner

Day 3

Friday 25. 10. 2019

09:00–10:30   Session 6 – New breeding goals for poultry species

  • Adaptability, resilience and biological efficiency in poultry (Santiago Avendano, United Kingdom)
  • Broiler breast myopathies: possible underlying mechanisms involved in the occurrence (Francesca Soglia, Italy)
  • Strategies for reducing breast muscle myopathies in broiler chickens (Richard Bailey, United Kingdom)

10:30–11:00    Coffee Break

11:00–12:30   Session 7 – Breeding for other avian species

  • Development and validation of high density SNP array in ducks (Marc Teissier, France)
  • Practical applications of genomic assignment methods in the avian breeding industry (Romuald Rouger, France)
  • Global biodiversity genomics and birds: a general overview, and case studies of functional diversity in immune genes in ducks (Robert H.S. Kraus, Germany)

12:30–12:45   Closing speech

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